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DermaHub Launch

1 Nov 2023

Derma Med's long awaited E-Learning Platform for Aesthetics, DermaHub has launched.

On 1st November 2023, Derma Medical launched the world’s first e-learning hub for Aesthetics professionals. DermaHub will be the first of its kind to offer a subscription-based platform that will allow delegates to access the highest-quality online training from fundamental injecting techniques to the artistry of advanced beautification.


DermaHub was created as a place for inspiration and education where all members around the world are able to improve and master their skills, gain even more confidence in their injecting abilities and keep up to date with the latest trends, products and techniques.


Think of it as the "Netflix meets TED Talks" of the global Aesthetic industry, delivering a revolutionary learning experience. This innovative platform benefits both newcomers and those who have trained with Derma Med. This will be launched globally and allow Derma Med to tap into markets previously unreachable due to demographic and capacity. Pre-launch we have over 500 on the flight waiting list. Prices will range from £895 for the Pro Package to £2,995 for the Elite Package.



As a DermaHub member you will have exclusive access to:

  1. 100s of hours of 4k quality content & courses taught by industry experts

  2. Latest trends & techniques to maximise your filler economy to get the best results with the least amount of product

  3. In depth, step by step treatment tutorial videos covering everything from lip fillers to non-surgical rhinoplasty and even forehead fillers

  4. Innovative tutorials on skin boosters, PDO threads and more novel treatments both on-label and off-label.

  5. Maximise safety with our landmark based approaches and ultrasound guided anatomy videos.

  6. Professional guidance to grow your business from experts who have grown and built clinics themselves and know the challenges injectors face in patient acquisition.

  7. Exclusive webinars & podcasts with leading experts hosted every month

  8. Advice on how to recognise, manage & treat complications

  9. Fresh content added monthly to keep your taste buds bubbling

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