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PEAL Fund 2nd Investment - GLHMs

20 Jul 2023

PEAL's 2nd portfolio company GLHMs is a medical training company specialising in Longevity, Hormones and Menopause.

PEAL Capital Group’s 2nd portfolio company GLHMs is a medical training platform in all areas related to Longevity, Hormones and Menopause.

The goal of the PEAL Fund is to target companies that help people aged 40-65 who are entering their second life and are looking to maintain their edge as they age. Providing medical training in the areas of Longevity, Menopause and Hormones will help individuals in this age to increase their healthspan (spending a larger proportion of their lives in good health).

Similar to aesthetics, longevity, menopause and andropause are experiencing rapid expansion, and GLHMs will be at the forefront of this. The key to GLHMs’ success is to provide a structured pathway for medical professionals to go from the typical medical school mindset of treating patients after they have become unwell, to thinking more about how they can improve their patients’ longevity and prevent disease and illness.

Training will be at the core of this, be it through providing foundation all the way through to masterclass courses to teach medical professionals to become longevity experts, to informing medical professionals at GLHMs branded conferences or to partnering with Key Opinion Leaders in the longevity space to ensure that the GLHMs training keeps up to date with what is a rapidly evolving medical field.

Training will cover areas such as menopause, andropause, weight management, brain function, immunity and peptides, providing a complete program for medical practitioners to implement longevity based treatments into their clinics.

PEAL’s experience from its first deal Derma Medical has shown the power of medical training and that through educating doctors with the newest and most effective techniques in a specific medical area, you can change the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients for the better.

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