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Update on Derma Medical Valuation

1 Oct 2022

PEAL strategy rapidly adds value

An independent third party valuation of Derma Medical was carried out prior to the acquisition by PEAL. This process was repeated on the 30th of June 2022. The updated report reflected the implementation of the PEAL 100-day plan and noted a significant increase in valuation of the Company due to following factors:

  1. Revenues and EBITDA for FY 31st of March 2022 were 25% and 22% ahead of forecasts at closing.

  2. An improved and more robust five-year forecast has been provided by the new management.

  3. Several milestones within the 100-day plan to professionalise and expand the business have been achieved ahead of time.

We continue to expand the Derma Medical team improving operations for accelerated growth and we look forward to making further announcement in due course.

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